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April 21, 2023, 3-5pm

In The Field with AgePRIDE: Monthly gallery tours with UW Henry Art Liaisons (HALS)

In The Field with AgePRIDE Spring 2023 Tours Flyer

The Henry Art Gallery is partnering with AgePRIDE to invite older adults to engage in the transformative power of contemporary art and ideas through tours with Henry Art Liaisons. Henry Art Liaisons are a community of undergraduate student interns across academic fields and backgrounds who aim to change the face, practice, and future of museums. A group of these students elected to host intergenerational tours of the museum, so that older adults who might not have access to the museum can experience the art!

This program is called In The Field, and it’s free! The only requirement for attendees is that you are at least 55 years of age and interested in intergenerational connections about art.

During these tours of the Henry Art Gallery’s exhibitions, AgePRIDE-Healthy Generation community members will be active participants in an intergenerational exchange with the HALs that prioritizes conversation and the co-creation of knowledge about contemporary art. Visitors are encouraged to bring in their life experiences, expertise, and emotions about the exhibitions.

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