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Carlos Eduardo Henning

Federal University of Goiás, Brazil

Main Research Areas:

Cultural Anthropology, Gerontology, Aging, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Intergenerational Studies


Carlos Eduardo Henning is an anthropologist and Associate Professor at the Social Sciences Faculty (FCS) and the Graduate Program in Social Anthropology (PPGAS) at the Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG), Brazil. Henning was a visiting scholar at UC Santa Cruz (2011–2012) and at Columbia University (2019). Currently, his research interests include LGBTIQ Gerontology and the transnational process of biopolitical constitution of new subjects, more specifically LGBTIQ elders. His broader work addresses issues on gender, sexuality, old age, generation, life course, urban studies, and queer anthropology.

Selected Works:

Henning, Carlos Eduardo. 2020. LGBTI Resistance in contemporary Brazil. Hot Spots, Fieldsights, Cultural Anthropology. January 28.

Henning, Carlos Eduardo. 2016. Is old age always already heterosexual and cisgender? The LGBT Gerontology and the formation of the LGBT elders. Vibrant – Virtual Brazilian Anthropology, v. 13, n.1. January to June. Brasília, ABA.