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Raphael Eppler-Hattab

University of Haifa, Israel

Main Research Areas: 

LGBT aging, Gay aging, Aging and Work


Raphael Eppler-Hattab, PhD, is a researcher at the Center for Research & Study of Aging, University of Haifa, the CEO of Eppler Consulting, a human resource management consultancy firm, and a longtime LGBT activist in Israel. He is the author of scientific and commentary articles published in Israeli and international journals. His research in the field of aging and work, organizational psychology and gerontology was published in The Gerontologist and Innovation in Aging. His study in the field of LGBT aging was presented at leading aging conferences.

LGBT Activism

Eppler-Hattab has been an LGBT activist in Israel since the 1980s. Main activities over the years included establishment of LGBT organizations in Haifa, intra-community group work and group facilitation, political activism, and journalism. In the 1990s, he published the first weekly column on gay community issues named Gay Ways (which in Yiddish means “go figure”). He currently leads groups of veteran gay community members titled “Improving with Pride”. For his many years of work for the gay community, he was awarded the 2018 Dear Haifa Gay Community Award.

Selected Works:

Eppler-Hattab, R., Meshoulam, I. and Doron, I. (2020). Conceptualizing Age-friendliness in Workplaces: Proposing a New Multidimensional Model. The Gerontologist, 60, 1, 12-21.

Eppler-Hattab, R. (2019, September). Who Will Say Kaddish on Me? Social Exclusion of Older LGBT People: Findings of an Israeli Developmental Group Process. Aging & Social Change: Ninth Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Vienna. Paper presentation in a themed session.