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Ricardo Iacub

Main Research Areas:

Sexuality, narrative identity and aging, LGBT issues


I’m Full Professor of Psychology of Aging (UBA), researcher (UBA), psychologist consultant, Advisor of aging mental health in the Government of Argentine. I’ve published 10 books and more than 40 papers of gerontology. Invited Professor in more than 15 countries.

Selected Works:

Eroticism and Old Age. Western Perspectives. Paidós: Buenos Aires.

Iacub, R.; Arias, C. J.; Mansinho, M.; Winzeler M.; Vasquez Jofre, R.: Sociocultural Changes and the

Construction of Identity in Lesbian and Gay Elderly People in Argentina in The International Journal of Aging and Human Development. March 2019.

Iacub, Ricardo ; Hidalgo López, Patricia; Winzeler, Martín O.; Bourlot, Valeria ; Gil de Muro, Mariana L.; Paz, Mariana; Bellas, Mónica L.; Machluk, Luciana; Vazquez Jofré, Rocío; Boggiano, Patricia Desarticulando las fronteras del erotismo en la vejez Research on Ageing and Social Policy: (RASP), ISSN-e 2014-671X, Vol. 8, Nº. 1, 2020, págs. 1-24