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A. Mani

Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

Main Research Areas:

Rough Sets, Algebra, Logic, Statistics, AIML, Gender Theory, Lesbian Issues, Gender and STEM, Bias in Data Analysis.


A. Mani is a research scientist in algebra, logic, rough sets, AIML and allied areas at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. She has a background in both mathematics and statistics, and is a leading researcher on the foundations of rough sets. She has published extensively in her areas of research in international journals. LGBTQ issues are also part of her interests in feminist, gender and sexuality studies, and she has been involved in few projects on the same. On the latter subjects, she has published a number of academic and popular articles, and is editing a volume on “Gender and STEM”. The latter volume is inspired by a graduate course taught by her at HBCSE, TIFR recently. The problems of bias and discriminatory behavior inherited by AIML algorithms, design in sociological studies, the intersection of aging and LGBTQ issues, and microaggressions are also of interest to her. She has been associated with the University of Calcutta, and HBCSE, Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, Mumbai (as a visiting faculty/researcher) till recently, and is a senior member (elected) of the International Rough Set Society. Sociological issues in the context of mathematics education are also of much interest to her, and she is in the organizing committee of MES-11 (the flagship international conference of the Mathematics Education society). Mani is also an active lesbian rights, free software activist and a GNU/R expert.

Selected Works:

Mani, A.: Overview of Quality of Life of Older Lesbians and Trans Women in India, 2019, 24 pp Preprint:

Mani, A: Being a Lesbian Trans Woman of Science in India, The Life of Sciences, October, 2019. Link:

Mani, A.: Connections Between Loneliness, Exclusion and Suicidal Tendencies of Trans Women-II, In National Seminar on Trans Inclusion, Periyar University, Salem 2016 12 pp