Our Mission

We are focused on promoting knowledge transfer from basic science and clinical trials to multigenerational practice, services, education, and policy. By translating evidence-based results into practice and policy settings, we disseminate lessons learned to ensure that programming and training strengthen communities and are culturally relevant. We partner with community members, scholars, students, service providers, and policymakers to ensure our work has real and measurable impact. Through strengthening prevention practices, we improve the health, well-being, and longevity across generations and communities. 

Programs and Trainings

Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Evidence-Based Practices and Programs



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Our Centers


AgePRIDE (Promoting Resilience for Intergenerational Diversity and Empowerment) programs serve LGBTQ+ older adults, care partners, and families, across underserved communities. We develop, implement, and evaluate an array of evidence-based services and programs, including health promotion, social engagement, social services, and educational and cultural events. AgePRIDE provides resources, referrals and support to older adults and their families and circles of care for a range of services from housing support to dementia care. AgePRIDE works in community-based partnerships to support a cultural-affirming hub. Funded by King County, WA.  

Healthy Generations

The Healthy Generations Center Hartford Center of Excellences is an innovation hub, established in 2013 at the University of Washington School of Social Work and is part of the Goldsen Institute. This is one of the five original Hartford Centers established in Schools of Social Work across the country. Healthy Generations Center develops, implements, and evaluates evidence-based interventions to address the needs of underserved older adults, care partners, and families to improve their health, wellness, and longevity. The Center is distinguished by its focus on innovation and responsiveness to the changing to the aging and multigenerational nature of our society and built upon more than two decades of landmark research conducted at the University of Washington. Through interdisciplinary and inter-professional collaborations in practice, education and research, the Center promotes prevention, health promotion and healthy aging across the generations.  

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