WA State Equity and Diversity Report (2021)

Oregon LGBTQ+ Older Adult Report (2020)

The Aging and Health Report (2011)

Fact Sheets

Disparities of LGBT Older Adults and Best Practices

Key Findings from The Aging and Health Report

LGBTQ+ Oregon Older Adult Fact Sheet

Recent Publications

Caregiving with pride

Fredriksen-Goldsen, K. I. (Ed.)


LGBT older adults in San Francisco: Health, risks, and resilience – Findings from Caring and Aging with Pride

Fredriksen-Goldsen, K. I., Kim, H.-J., Goldsen, J., Hoy-Ellis, C. P., Emlet, C. A., Erosheva, E. A., & Muraco, A.


Older GLBT family and community life: Contemporary experiences, realities, and future directions

Fredriksen-Goldsen, K. I.


Addressing the Needs of LGBT Older Adults in San Francisco: Recommendations for the Future

Fredriksen-Goldsen, K. I., Kim, H.-J., Hoy-Ellis, C. P., Goldsen, J., Jensen, D., Adelman, M., Costa, M., & De Vries, B.


Lesbian and bisexual women’s physical health

Simoni, J. M., Smith, L., Lehavot, K., Fredriksen-Goldsen, K. I., & Walters, K. L.


AgePRIDE LGBTQ+ Resource Guide

Words Matter: LGBTQ+ Glossary

Recent Presentations

Types of interpersonal bias: Measurement and their association with health among LGBTQ older adults

Prasad, A., Fredriksen Goldsen, K., Kim, H.-J., & Jung, H.

Technology: A tool for connecting seniors

Fredriksen Goldsen, K. & Ho, E.

National study of older LGBT Americans- National Health, Aging, and Sexuality/Gender Study (NHAS): Aging with Pride.

Fredriksen Goldsen, K. I.

Modifiable determinants of physical functioning among LGBT older adults with cognitive impairment

Kim, H.-J., Fredriksen Goldsen, K. I., & Jung, H.

Life course predictors of allostatic load among LGBTQ older adults

Hoy-Ellis, C., Kim, H.-J., & Fredriksen Goldsen, K.