Thank you for your interest in the IDEA study. Enrollment is now closed to participants. In the next few months we will finish serving current participants, analyzing the information, and summarizing our results. We will share our results from the IDEA study in June 2023.

Aging with Pride: IDEA is the first federally-funded project designed to improve quality of life for sexual and gender diverse adults with cognitive impairment or who care for those experiencing cognitive impairment.

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Participants cultivate relationships, learn exercises, and build skills over six weeks with a trained coach.

Aging with Pride: IDEA is led by University of Washington School of Social Work professor Karen Fredriksen Goldsen and UW Nursing professor Linda Teri. Dr. Fredriksen Goldsen is the primary investigator for Aging with Pride: National Health, Aging, and Sexuality/Gender Study (NHAS), the first national longitudinal study of health and well-being in sexual and gender diverse older adults, and Dr. Teri pioneered the RDAD (Reducing Disabilities in Alzheimer’s Disease) program, which has been shown to improve quality of life for people with memory loss and reduce rates of institutionalization.

Results from this study will inform dementia and caregiving interventions and services for LGBTQ+ older adults and other underserved populations. Funded by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Aging 61-2876: Fredriksen-Goldsen, K.I. Teri, L. (MPIs).

Key Publication

Read our paper on the design and development of Aging with Pride: IDEA

“The IDEA program is excellent for building problem solving skills and creating fun exercises – like dancing! – that meet our needs.”

“I am so grateful for the IDEA program because it has helped create positive change in me and my care partner’s  life.  I feel empowered, not stuck.”

“The IDEA program has made a big difference in my life, helping me see things I wasn’t previously willing to admit. I’m now able to open up. This program is so important!”