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Karina Lopez


Main Research Areas:

Human Sexuality, Sexual Diversity, Neuroscience, Gerontology


Psychologist from UNAM, México. Experience in research about sexual diversity, ageing population and neuroscience, and psychological and neuropsychological assessment. Master in Human Sexuality and Gender Studies. Studies about Clinical Neuropsychology and Neuropsychoimmunoendocrinology. Has collaborated with Psychobiology, Neuroscience and Neurocognition Laboratory, UNAM. Groningen University, Netherlands. And St. Andrews University, UK.

Selected Works:

López, K. & Orozco, G. (2014). Executive Functions in bisexual women. EduPsykhé. 13(2), 127-145.

López, K. & Orozco, G. (2016). Sexual cerebral diference and executive functions: bisexuality. Ciencia y Futuro. 6(3), 112-135.

Hernández, I., Orozco, G., Romero, C., López, K., Ortega, L. & Valencia, A. (2017). Evaluation of executive functions associated with creative processing in heterosexual and homosexual orientation. Ciencia y Futuro. 7(3), 54-70.