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Shang-Ti Chen

National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

Main Research Areas: 

Leisure behavior, the psychology of leisure, therapeutic recreation, inclusive leisure services, ecological momentary assessment (EMA), healthy aging


I am an assistant professor in Tourism, Recreation, and Leisure Studies at National Dong Hwa University. My research interests cover a broad range of topics in the domain of leisure, aging, and health. Much of my research is aimed at identifying protective factors for psychological well-being. I’m particularly interested in how aspects of everyday life events (e.g., enjoyable activities, positive events) influence a person’s ability to regulate their emotion in daily life. My current work centers on using smartphones for obtaining high ecological validity of leisure behavior and for assessing subtle variations and changes in psychological well-being in the context of everyday life.

Selected Works:

Chen, S. T., Jinshil, H., Graefe, A. R., Almeida, D. M., Mowen, A. J., & Sliwinski, M. J. (2021). Associations between enjoyable activities and uplifting events: Effects on momentary positive affect in adulthood. Journal of Leisure Research. Advanced online publication. doi:10.1080/00222216.2021.1878002

Chen, S. T., Jinshil, H., Graefe, A. R., Mowen, A. J., Almeida, D. M., & Sliwinski, M. J. (2020). The influence of leisure engagement on daily emotional well-being. Leisure Sciences. Advanced online publication. doi:10.1080/01490400.2020.1757537

Chen, S. T., Stevinson, C., Tien., T., Chen, L. J., & Ku, P. W. (2020). Accelerometer-measured daily steps and subjective cognitive ability in older adults: A two-year follow-up study. Experimental Gerontology. Advanced online publication. doi:10.1016/j.exger.2020.110874.