What will we learn in this program?

You’ll meet with a trained coach for nine one-hour visits at a location that works for you, such as your home or community center.

You’ll learn strategies for:

  • problem solving (identifying areas of tension and brainstorming new approaches)
  • communication (how to address challenges related to memory loss)
  • daily low-impact exercise (stretching, balance, endurance, strength to support independence, reduce injury, and improve mood

You’ll have four follow-up phone calls with your coach to check on how you’re doing.

Who trained the coaches?

The coaches are trained by experts at the University of Washington specializing in both helping people address the challenges of memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s, as well as the challenges faced by LGBTQ elders.

How many times will we be in contact with the program?

  • Nine coach visits for 6 weeks
  • Four follow-up phone calls with your coach to check on how you’re doing
  • There will be five phone interviews by a researcher (two phone interviews before coach visits and three phone interviews after coach visits)

Is there compensation for our time?

  • The nine coach visits are offered as part of the free program for LGBTQ community members and friends.
  • There will also be five phone interviews with care partner. After each call, you’ll receive $25 as a pair. Therefore, the total compensation will be $125 for five phone interviews. The last phone call will be 13 months from when you start the program.


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